About us

Dar El-Taafy, a life without addiction, without drug abuse

Why are we the best?

Multiple treatment programs

Dar El-Taafy is distinguished by the diversity of treatment programs that keep pace with the latest international methods, which are provided in accordance with the condition of each patient.

Integrated care

Dar El-Taafy for Addiction Treatment is keen on providing all aspects of care for the patient, whether its health, psychological or social.

Strict confidentiality

Dar Al-Taafy Center for Addiction Treatment provides its treatment services while maintaining complete confidentiality regarding any information about the patient.

Dar El-Taafy is the largest specialized center in the Middle East for the treatment of various cases of addiction through a treatment team with a high degree of experience of up to 14 years in the field of addiction treatment and mental health on the local or regional level, with a success rate of 95%.

Dar El-Taafy is also characterized by the diversity of treatment programs that are offered in accordance to the patient’s condition and achieve full recovery, and therefore find treatment programs that keep pace with the latest treatment methods in the world. There is a well-thought-out therapeutic entertainment program that assures patients of their abilities to enjoy life and daily activities without using drugs by enjoying the swimming pool, playing billiards, ping-pong, and PlayStation, going to the cinema and making beach trips, in addition to providing patients with an atmosphere of sympathy and love, which gives them a sense of belonging to a big family.

Dar El-Taafy for Addiction Treatment provides its treatment services while maintaining complete confidentiality with regard to any information about the patient while continuing to assist and following up with patients after completing the treatment stages and support them in solving life problems in all their aspects.

Our Vision

An Arab world without addiction or addicts



Our Mission

Harnessing the latest methods and treatment programs to treat addiction patients in the Middle East.

“Dar El-Taafy, A life without addiction, without abuse”

This is not just a slogan, it is what Dar El-Taafy and all its employees really aim to achieve according to its long-term plan. Achieving an Arab world free of drug and stimulant addiction, in which every individual realizes the danger of addiction and its heavy price on the person himself, his family, and the society as a whole.

Dar El-Taafy seeks to be the beacon that lights the way for everyone who falls prey to addiction in the Middle East and to spread awareness that recovery and the addict’s return to normal life and getting rid of addiction once and for all is never an impossible task.

Dar El-Taafy seeks to spread awareness in the community about addiction and its health and psychological dangers as a disease that affects humans just like other diseases that may affect any person regardless of age, gender, race, cultural background, social and economic capabilities, lifestyle, or religion. It is wrong to consider the addict as a disgrace to the family and society. Rather, he is a patient who needs treatment and care from doctors and specialists in order to achieve recovery.

Dar El-Taafy works on harnessing all means and methods of treatment, whether medical (pharmacological) or psychological, to treat drug addicts and stimulants in the Middle East, through a therapeutic team with a high degree of experience of up to 14 years in the field of addiction treatment and psychiatry to achieve the highest rates of recovery of addiction in the Arab world.

Dar El-Taafy Management

Mr. Mohamed Abd Elfattah

Therapeutic director

Mr. Ahmed Samir

Member of the Board of Directors

Mr. Haitham Qandil

Chairman of the Board of Directors of Dar El-Taafy

Mr. Sherif Medhat Moustafa

Addiction Rehabilitation and Treatment Consultant – Administrative Director

Our Medical Team

Dr. Hannan ElShazli

Consultant of psychiatry and neurotherapy, and president of the Egyptian Association for Psychological Counseling and Addiction Treatment

Dr. Hesham Rizk

Consultant and Head of Gastroenterology and Hepatology Department

Dr. Ali Fahmy

Consultant Psychiatrist and Neurologist, formerly Deputy Director of Al-Amal Psychiatric Hospital in Saudi Arabia

Dr. Victor Sami

Professor of Psychiatry and Neurology, Fellow of the International College of Psychiatry/Physical and Member of the International Council for the Treatment of Addictions

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