the Painless withdrawal Program

Addiction is one of the most dangerous diseases that may affect people of different ages and social classes. Therefore, it was necessary for us to find effective treatment methods and programs to treat drug addiction in proportion to the social, psychological, and health status of the addict. One of the most important of these treatment programs is the painless detoxification/withdrawal program in Dar El-Taafy, which works to withdraw the narcotic from the body and treat withdrawal symptoms without causing pain or suffering to the patient.

What is the painless withdrawal program?

The program to expel, remove or withdraw toxins from the body without pain is a basic treatment program that is applied in Dar El-Taafy Addiction Treatment Center, through which the blood is purified from drugs while the addicted person sleeps so that he does not feel the pain of withdrawal symptoms, and thus the body gets rid of its physical dependence to the drug easily and as quickly as possible.

The role of the medical drugs accompanying the detoxification process is to reduce or relieve the pain caused by the symptoms of drug withdrawal, including insomnia, tension, mood swings, vomiting, nausea, high blood pressure, increased heart rate, digestive, respiratory and nervous disorders, and pain in the back, muscles, body, and other physical symptoms depending on the type of drug and how long it affects the body.

This program is implemented under close medical supervision and continuous care through a medical team specialized in adjusting drug treatment doses and dealing with various addiction cases, so the treatment is carried out safely without complications or side effects.

How long does the withdrawal program take to treat addiction?

The duration of detoxification to purify the blood from drugs and treat addiction, in general, depends on the willpower and desire of the addict to extract these toxins and recover from addiction, as well as on the type of drug that was used and the duration of abuse. However, in most cases, the duration of addiction treatment in the painless drug withdrawal program at Dar El-Taafy Hospital is 7 days.

Therapeutic steps in the withdrawal program

After conducting the medical examinations and conducting the necessary analyzes for the patient and completing the initial diagnosis stage and then determining the appropriate treatment program, the withdrawal of the narcotic substance from the body starts under comprehensive medical care through the gradual reduction of the drug and treating the withdrawal symptoms resulting from it through 4 basic methods:

  1. Implementation of a drug protocol consisting of a group of medical drugs that work to remove toxins left by drugs in the blood and relieve withdrawal symptoms so that they pass without pain or suffering.
  2. The use of naltrexone, which blocks the nerve channels in the brain caused by the drug, and thus extinguishes the body’s strong desire to abuse and not benefit from the side effects left by the drug, so it returns to its normal balance again.
  3. “Detox” is a diet program to expel toxins in record time.
  4. Psychological support, because the patient experiences psychological symptoms as a result of drug withdrawal from the body, including episodes of depression, hallucinations, and sometimes convulsions in some cases, as well as suicidal tendencies and thoughts.

Features of the painless withdrawal program at Dar El-Taafy

  • Access to medical care and close supervision 24 hours a day.
  • American and British medical protocols to expel toxins from the body quickly and without feeling painful withdrawal symptoms.
  • Using the latest withdrawal drugs and treatments for withdrawal symptoms in the world.
  • A comprehensive examination of the body and the efficiency of the body’s organs, along with an efficient electroencephalogram available for patients and various medical analyzes.
  • Privacy, comfort, and complete confidentiality in order to reduce fear of social stigma.
  • An integrated diet under the supervision of doctors of nutrition and public health to help the patient expel toxins from his body and restore activity and vitality to the rest of the body.
  • The medical drugs presented in this program aim to help the body get rid of all toxins, relieve the feeling of withdrawal pain, in addition to compensating the body for the fluid lost during this stage, and trying to treat all symptoms and effects of this stage.
  • The treatment of the withdrawal program is through doctors, without neglecting the role of psychological treatment as early as possible at this stage.

Which addiction cases are suitable for the painless withdrawal program?

The painless withdrawal program is an essential stage in all cases of addiction, as it cleanses the body well of harmful chemicals left by the addictive substances, in order for the individual to reach physical and mental stability, and be eligible to enter the next stage.

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Addiction treatment programs at Dar El Taafy
Dar El Taafy is distinguished by the diversity of treatment programs that are provided to suit each patient’s condition and to help him achieve full recovery

The 28 days program

An intensive treatment program that helps patients get rid of addiction in a short period of 28 days.

the full residency program

It is a safe environment in which a person exercises a normal life without drug abuse, and it is called halfway house, which is a new treatment philosophy.

the Half Board Addiction Treatment Program

This program is a modern method for dealing with addiction patients who cannot spend long periods of time in treatment, and this program is the newest in treatment methods.

the family support program

It involves bringing the addict's family to sessions with one of their members; This provides a much deeper understanding by the family about what addiction is and how to deal with it.

the Dual Diagnosis Program

It is based on dealing with the addiction and the accompanying psychological disorder at the same time.

the relapse prevention program

This program helps the recovering patient to not relapse, or go back into behavioral patterns that may lead them to use again.

the 12 step program

The 12 Step Program is a lifestyle based on spiritual principles written simply in numbered form from 1 to 12 in simple sequence.