The Half Board Addiction Treatment Program

Addiction is one of the most dangerous diseases that may affect people of different ages and social classes. Therefore, it was necessary for us to find effective treatment methods and programs to treat addiction in proportion to the social, psychological, and health status of the addict. One of the best of these treatment programs is the half-board program, which allows patients to spend part of the day inside Dar El-Taafy center to receive treatment and then return home on the same day.

What is the Half Board Program?

The Half Board Program is one of the treatment programs available for addiction treatment at Dar El-Taafy Center. Where doctors and addiction treatment experts at Dar El-Taafy designed this treatment program in order to help the addict reconcile his work and family life and undergo treatment. It does not require spending the patient’s full-time in the center, but rather receiving psychological sessions or attending group support meetings. But before doing so, the patient should have undergone a treatment program to get rid of toxins and treat withdrawal symptoms, or in other cases where the patient is still at the beginning of his addiction, so he does not need close supervision and continuous care.

The Half Board Program is a treatment program designed specifically for people who suffer from drug or stimulant addiction problems, but their lives and circumstances make them unable to undergo the full residency addiction treatment program, which is also available within Dar El-Taafy for addiction treatment.

How long does the half board program take for addiction treatment?

The duration of addiction treatment depends in general on the health status of the addict, both psychologically and physically. However, in most cases, the duration of addiction treatment in the half-board program at Dar El-Taafy Hospital is 90 days.

Remedial steps in the half-board program

  1. Individual psychotherapy sessions are aimed at treating the causes that led to the patient’s addiction to ensure that he does not relapse.
  2. A medical program specialized in treating psychiatric disorders associated with addiction.
  3. Group psychotherapy sessions, such as those used in the 12-step program.
  4. Family rehabilitation by educating the family members of the addict on how to deal with him and working on encouraging him.
  5. Developing a healthy diet that helps rid the body of drug toxins for good.
  6. Practicing recreational and sports activities.

Features of the Half Board Program

  • The ability to carry out family, work or study responsibilities, as there is no need to be fully devoted to receiving treatment.
  • In the half-board program, the addict adheres better to the treatment plan as it does not require him to spend much time to be able to continue it.
  • Doing daily and periodic tests for the addict, to ensure that he is not abusing drugs during work hours.
  • Ensuring greater privacy as the patient spends only half the time inside Dar El-Taafy center, and does not require him to tell anyone that he has received drug addiction treatment.
  • Enjoying greater independence and freedom during the day in the time spent away from medical supervision, where treatment is received at specific times.

Which cases of addiction are suitable for the half board program?

The half-board program is not suitable for all drug addiction cases, especially severe addiction cases that require 24-hour monitoring and prompt drug support. This program is more suitable for cases that require less supervision and limited medical care. Examples of those cases that the half board program is suitable for include:

  1. That the patient has undergone treatment before and needs only simple follow-up and supervision.
  2. The Half Board program is suitable for ‘modern addiction’ cases with habits that are not inherent and can be easily changed.
  3. Health conditions that are not strongly affected by the symptoms of addiction.
  4. Cases that have the family support that helps them pass the treatment stage by involving them in the treatment program.

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Addiction treatment programs at Dar El Taafy
Dar El Taafy is distinguished by the diversity of treatment programs that are provided to suit each patient’s condition and to help him achieve full recovery

The 28 days program

An intensive treatment program that helps patients get rid of addiction in a short period of 28 days.

the full residency program

It is a safe environment in which a person exercises a normal life without drug abuse, and it is called halfway house, which is a new treatment philosophy.

the family support program

It involves bringing the addict's family to sessions with one of their members; This provides a much deeper understanding by the family about what addiction is and how to deal with it.

the Dual Diagnosis Program

It is based on dealing with the addiction and the accompanying psychological disorder at the same time.

the Painless withdrawal Program

Withdrawal of the drug from the body is not an easy process because it has physical and psychological effects on the addict, and we specialize in this process professionally.

the 12 step program

The 12 Step Program is a lifestyle based on spiritual principles written simply in numbered form from 1 to 12 in simple sequence.

the relapse prevention program

This program helps the recovering patient to not relapse, or go back into behavioral patterns that may lead them to use again.