The duration of addiction treatment

How long is addiction treatment? The question that preoccupies the minds of many addicts and their families in Egypt, especially drug addicts, who have taken the decision to recover from addiction, whether for themselves or a member of their family or friends. This is due to the spread of the phenomenon of addiction in Egyptian society, the Arab community and the whole world in a very large way.

The addiction disease is like other chronic diseases, that is, it cannot be cured easily and takes a period of time to reach full recovery. The duration of addiction treatment varies from one patient to another according to his health and psychological condition, the type of drug, the duration of use, and the doses he was taking of that drug.

In general, the shortest period of addiction treatment is not less than 90 days, and in cases of advanced addiction it may reach about twelve months, and the addict’s response to the addiction treatment program varies for several factors, including: the patient’s regularity within the treatment center, and the patient’s not seeking to smuggle the drug inside the clinic or center Therapeutic, the patient’s taking of any medications that affect the treatment program, the patient’s psychological and social support, and the patient’s psychological state.

During the treatment period, the addiction patient goes through several stages and each of them has a different period…

1. The period of deprivation (withdrawal and coping with drug withdrawal symptoms)

This first period, which ranges from 7 days to 30 days, is considered the most difficult period. During the period of depriving the addict of the drug he used to take, there are many physical and psychological problems that the addict suffers from. This period is characterized by fluctuation between positive and negative emotions.

2. The period of excitement (after the withdrawal symptoms are gone)

This period begins after the end of the first month and up to 3 months from the beginning of treatment, and the withdrawal symptoms disappear, and the desire to use decreases, the patient feels better and the problem of addiction is over. In this period a lot of things change in his life. Returning to his working life, organized life, and lasting relationships, all of this the person feels better.

3. Boredom period (chance of relapse)

After the end of the third month until the sixth month during the treatment period, boredom, fatigue and signs of depression appear on the person, which can lead to a loss of enthusiasm for this person. Organized life can stress a person and make him feel bored. Then the person begins to miss the way he was in the past. For this reason, the person must be taken into account and understood, especially in this period, and provide adequate support and assistance to him.

4. The new life period (full recovery)

After the sixth month of addiction treatment, the recover-er begins to form a new lifestyle, gain new friends, and enjoy new entertainment that becomes easier.

Many addicts wondered how to treat addiction and how long it takes for that treatment, because of the spread of addiction in Egyptian society, Arab society and the whole world in a very large way.

As for Egypt, the rate of addiction is increasing on a daily basis due to several factors and reasons that bear the responsibility of the family, school and all state institutions, and one of the reasons that led to the high rate of drug addicts in Egypt is the presence of a great state of despair and frustration, which led to many young people suffering from depression, This is due to the difficult economic conditions that the country is experiencing in these years.

In addition to the high rate of unemployment in Egypt and the Arab world, all these circumstances prompted these young people to become addicted to narcotics in order to escape the bitter reality in which they live, and it is also among the reasons that led to drug addiction.

The lack of adequate supervision by the family and society over young people; As it is due to the great openness that occurs due to social networks and the Internet and because of some false media messages that reach young people because of the false media materials that are presented.

Once the family discovers that one of their members is addicted, this may cause it a lot of trouble and psychological pain, but it must take positive steps to help the addict in treatment directly.

The first steps that the family in which there is an addict must follow is to provide him with adequate advice and guidance; Where they must work to raise his awareness and insight into the extent of the dangers of addiction to his health, his life and his future.

They must also give him advice in an elegant manner, as giving advice to the addict in a bad manner from his family may lead to counterproductive results; Where he insists on drug use.

He may leave the house until he takes drugs as he wants, but the advice should be gentle, and once the addict reaches a state of full awareness of the dangers of the drug, he has come a long way in treatment. Since the treatment is not feasible if the addict in his heart is not convinced of it, because it will not help in the treatment, but will be a burden on the steps to recover from addiction, but the fact that the addict has a real determination to be treated from addiction, this greatly facilitates the stages of treatment .

The addict must go to the nearest hospital or clinic for addiction treatment, and some families want the addict to be treated at home away from hospitals and clinics and without going to doctors. This is due to the fact that some of these families do not have sufficient financial costs for addiction treatment; As drug addiction treatment and psychotherapy cost a lot of money, in addition to the fact that some prestigious and well-known families in the community fear for their reputation that news will be spread that there is an addicted member in the family, and therefore they prefer that treatment be carried out at home.

But specialists and doctors say that there are certain types of addiction that are very difficult to treat at home, especially heroin addiction; Since heroin affects the nerves, sensory receptors, the central nervous system and all body systems, the symptoms of heroin withdrawal are very serious and it is difficult to treat at home.

The first stage of treatment, whether this treatment is at home or in one of the addiction treatment clinics, is a stage called the stage of detoxification from the body, and this stage is done by preventing the addict from taking the drug permanently.

This is done once, suddenly or gradually, according to the opinion of the treating doctor. After the addict stops using narcotic substances, severe symptoms appear on him. These symptoms are called withdrawal symptoms. These symptoms cause a lot of pain in the body and joints, and they also cause him very bad psychological symptoms: Such as depression, and therefore, doctors provide some medications to the addict. These medications help the patient to overcome this stage, and they also work to reduce his desire to use narcotic substances.

Then the addict is transferred to psychological and behavioral therapy, where this is done by a psychiatrist who specializes in treating addiction cases, and by asking about the duration of addiction treatment, this period cannot be resolved or clearly defined.

Where the duration of addiction treatment varies from one addict to another, according to what the treating doctor sees, and the duration of addiction treatment depends on several factors, including the age and the psychological and health status of the addict.

Because most people do not have the financial costs of treatment; The state has built many clinics, psychological centers and addiction treatment centers specialized in helping addicts get rid of addiction once and for all.

These centers work for free and without any financial compensation, and a branch has been allocated in the Abbasiya Hospital in Cairo that works to receive addicted citizens on a daily basis, and work in the hospital begins at two o’clock in the afternoon, and receives more than 100 addicts per day.

The cost of addiction treatment in Egypt is not high compared to the costs of addiction treatment in some other countries. Therefore, some addicts from other Arab countries come to Egypt to receive treatment for addiction.

Addiction leads to the collapse of a society’s economy; This is due to the inability of addicts to produce the required quality, and it also leads to the spread of crime, especially the crimes of harassment, rape and theft.

In addition, it leads to an increase in the rate of road accidents, because when drivers use narcotic substances, this affects their level of vision and their appreciation of distances, and thus addiction leads to the presence of many victims, whether on the roads, in the streets, or the addicts themselves.

The state should take some steps to protect citizens from the danger of drug spread, including tightening security measures at the borders with other countries in order to prevent the spread and smuggling of drugs into the country. In addition, a large number of awareness campaigns must be carried out in all audio and visual media. So people are warned of the danger of addiction.

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