The differences between hashish and marijuana

Hashish and marijuana are among the most widespread types of drugs in different age groups who use drugs. Although hashish and marijuana are extracted from one plant called the cannabis plant, there is a difference between them in the method in which they are manufacture, how these two substances are extracted, and their effects.

What is Hashish?

Hashish is one of the most famous narcotics in the world, and its effect can extend inside the body for more than thirty days. India is the largest producing country in the world for hashish. It has been used by priests and Hindus in Indian temples for thousands of years, but the beginning of its spread within Europe and the world started in the seventeenth century, and with the beginning of the twentieth century, then it spread widely in the United States of America, and it is considered the drug that has occupied the forefront in the Arab countries in recent years.

Hashish is extracted from the leaves of the cannabis plant, and this plant is considered rare in most countries of the world, and also cannot be cultivated due to various factors including its length that can reach 6 meters, its leaves form a narrow serrated texture, and it is also glossy in nature and has a viscous nature.

What is marijuana?

Marijuana is a substance that gets extracted from the flowers of the hemp plant and has a range of uses as it is used in the manufacture of vegetable mineral oils, and marijuana fibers can also be used in the manufacture of cloth, paper, and building materials, and it is widely cultivated in Afghanistan, Pakistan, China, India, and Morocco.

Differences between hashish and marijuana

The cannabis plant is considered one of the most dangerous plants, and the main reason for this is that both hashish and marijuana are extracted from it, but there are several differences between them:

  1. Marijuana is made by extracting it from the flowers of the original cannabis plant, then drying the heads, leaves, and small branches of those plants, then grinding them well and then using them after that. As for hashish, which is the liquid that is extracted or the resin that is found inside the leaves and stems of the cannabis plant, followed by drying it in order to be consumed in the traditional way.
  2. The concentration of the narcotic substance inside marijuana is less than the concentration of that substance found in hashish, so hashish always contains the raw material in a strong form, in addition to containing 400 harmful narcotic substances that spread easily within the blood, followed by easy access to the brain, Hence, there is a group of functional imbalances that occur to the individual as a result of ingestion of that substance.
  3. Marijuana can have some benefits that many recent studies have found, as these studies found that marijuana can contribute significantly to relieving epileptic seizures, reducing the severity and impact of depression, and improving lungs health, but these studies have not been proven correct with conclusive evidence. But what is certain is that there are some companies that have resorted to using marijuana in many of the drugs that they produce, with specific proportions.
  4. Marijuana contains tar, which is very dangerous and affects the body, especially the respiratory system.
  5. Marijuana weakens the heart muscle of smokers and has significant effects in terms of the clear effect on sperms in men, especially in the deformities to which he is exposed, and many of the dangers of multiple reproductive system diseases, which are considered very dangerous. And there are problems with hormones for women who are addicted to smoking it constantly.
  6. Some countries legalize the use of hashish and prohibit the use of marijuana, such as North Korea. Although hashish is more effective than marijuana, North Korea legalizes the cultivation of cannabis and does not prohibit its sale.
  7. The use of hashish leads to many health problems and causes the nervous breakdown of the body, entering into a state of audio, and visual hallucinations, as well as affecting the respiratory system and causing an increase in the chances of lung cancer, causing many problems to the heart, causing infertility and increasing the risk of The birth of a child with mental retardation if the mother is an addict.

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