The cost of drug addiction treatment in Egypt

Studies and statistics indicate that many people search and inquire about the cost and prices of drug addiction treatment in Egypt, which indicates the desire of many drug addicts or their families to treat addiction and recover from it. Unfortunately, the cost of addiction treatment in Egypt cannot be accurately determined, due to the different treatment methods in different centers and hospitals and the existence of variable treatment methods in Egypt.

In fact, one of the biggest obstacles that people face when they wish to recover from addiction in Egypt is the extremely high prices of addiction treatment in clinics and private treatment centers, which puts them at loss between two options:

  1. High level of treatment and appropriate care with high cost in specialized centers for addiction treatment.
  2. Low level, non-specialized treatment with low cost in government hospitals.


Therefore, we have made it our mission at Dar El-Taafy Center for Addiction and Psychiatry to work on providing addiction treatment services in modern and internationally known ways at the lowest possible cost compared to other centers, and we made sure to provide you with some of the best doctors and addiction treatment experts.

But in order to determine the costs of addiction treatment, we first must learn about addiction treatment methods in Egypt.

The methods of drug addiction treatment in Egypt and their cost

Drug addiction patients in Egypt can get treatment in many different forms and with different methods, some of the most worthy of mentioning are:

1- Free addiction treatment in governmental hospitals and institutions

We can not deny that the state has made an effort by all available means to confront drug addiction by providing a clinic for addiction treatment free of charge in Cairo and some governorates, and also working on providing a hotline where they receive calls from a large number of drug addicts seeking treatment from addiction in a free specialized clinic in Cairo and all governorates. The state also conducted research through the hotline on the percentage of addicts in Egypt and reported that there are 50% of people addicted to drugs such as heroin, cannabis, Captagon, and Tramadol are the most addictive cases that went to a free clinic for addiction treatment in Cairo and the rest of the governorates, and the main reason was not getting rid of addiction earlier was the high cost of addiction treatment in Egypt in private hospitals. This research also confirms the extent of the drug spread in Egypt. This does not mean that society is free from responsibility when it comes to facing the widespread of drugs and addicts in the community but its everyone’s duty to help face this dangerous problem along with the state, as we all have a role in ridding our society from toxins and poison promoters.

2- Seeking treatment with a specialized doctor and its cost

This method is not always useful most of the time and leads to many cases of relapse, because the doctor here deals with withdrawal symptoms in a pharmacological manner and does not change the environment surrounding the patient, so the patient cannot overcome the dominant thoughts and urgent desires that he suffers from, especially in the initial period of withdrawal symptoms.

Usually, the cost of addiction treatment starts with the examination, which ranges from 250 EGP to 500 EGP, depending on the doctor and his experience, the center or hospital you follow, and usually, the tests and medications are not within the examination fees.

3- Accommodation and dealing with withdrawal symptoms and their cost

This method helps the patient deal with the physical part of the addiction disease, which is the symptoms of physical withdrawal. The patient is usually detained between 5 to 10 days in a place under medical and nursing supervision, and he is prescribed analgesic drugs to help deal with withdrawal symptoms and psychological changes that the patient suffers from during the drug withdrawal period from the body, medical drug prescription approaches differ from one center to another and from one doctor to another, but in general, everyone aims to deal with withdrawal symptoms.

Usually, the cost of addiction treatment in such centers is daily, and it ranges between 250 pounds in a common shared room to 1500 pounds in a single private room. The prices here vary from one center to another according to the degree of service, the name of the center or hospital, the medical service provided, the level of accommodation, meals, and so on.

4- Psychological and behavioral rehabilitation and its cost

This is the most widespread, most successful, and most effective way to recover from addiction, and this method for addiction treatment at a center or a hospital is performed in two stages:

The first addiction treatment stage

This stage consists of detoxing the body or dealing with withdrawal symptoms completely and adjusting the medical treatment.

The second addiction treatment stage

This stage of psycho-behavioral rehabilitation is a stage in which the person performs a mixture of psycho-behavioral change programs using cognitive-behavioral therapy programs, self-support programs, global 12-step programs, relapse prevention programs, and Matrix programs.

This stage consists of a set of psychotherapeutic goals that lead to the psychological and intellectual change required for the recovery process. This type of behavioral program is the most successful around the world in helping the addict and it’s the most successful treatment program at the level of addiction treatment programs around the world so far. This is due to the focus on the areas of psychological, spiritual, and behavioral changes of the patient.

Here accommodation prices vary according to the center or hospital, and also according to the level of accommodation required. Generally speaking, prices in reliable centers and hospitals range from 6500 Egyptian pounds per month to 25000 Egyptian pounds per month, and most rehabilitation centers deal with their pricing and invoices for patients on a monthly basis.

This is because the treatment period is mostly 6 months and there are often different levels of accommodation between shared rooms, a double and single room options. Everyone here practices the same activities, but the luxury level of the room, the reputation of the center and the center’s team, and treatment program followed within are what determines the best among these centers and in general the centers or Hospitals that have an experienced therapy team have significantly higher prices than other places.

The addiction disease

There is no doubt that talking about the prices of addiction treatment centers in Egypt makes us talk about addiction, that chronic and complex disease. Addiction has spread in our Arab societies and in all societal circles, and when we look at the causes of drug addiction and the factors that led to the spread of these toxins in society, we find the bad company and the promotion for the relationship between drugs and sex, which opened the doors for many people to fall this way, and with little religious virtues and the absence of the family’s role in monitoring the kids and other psychological, social and personal factors, which are common factors for people to fall into the addiction trap.

Addiction is a disease that needs to be treated in order for the addict to return to their normal lives, and has a mark in society, and help other addicts return to their own life again with a strong will and being psychologically strong enough.

As for the generalized idea of judging the addict as a criminal and that he needs punishment, all of this exacerbates matters greatly, and we have to realize that the path to addiction is easy and accessible in light of the widespread of drugs, but getting rid of addiction is not an easy thing.

The duration of the drug addiction treatment

The relationship between the prices and cost of drug addiction treatment and the treatment period is a positive relationship. When the family asks about the duration of addiction treatment, the first thing that comes to mind is the time that the addict will spend in addiction treatment centers, because the cost of addiction treatment per month will guide the family’s decision about choosing the addiction treatment method.

In fact, the duration of addiction treatment varies from one person to another, and there is no specific period that we can say is suitable for all patients who are on their way to recovery, but there is a duration of addiction treatment ranging from three months to 6 months, which is the expected period for many patients to complete the twelve-step program to treat addiction and reach the fifth step, then the patient can leave the center, and the follow-up period continues with the center. The treatment period for a drug addict may take up to 9 months, and in order to reach the stage of psychological and behavioral stability and the ability to return to society, the addict may need 12 months.

According to what was reported by mental health organizations, the minimum period for addiction treatment is 90 days. As for the addiction treatment program that lasts 28 days, that period may be sufficient for the body detox phase and the treatment of drug withdrawal symptoms. As for psychological and behavioral rehabilitation programs that take place in treatment centers, as we have indicated before that the patient needs a period of no less than three months in order to reach the stage of full recovery and the ability to return to society after getting rid of his addictive behaviors and negative thoughts, and the prices of addiction treatment centers vary from one center to another according to many factors and variables.

Among the different things that affect the duration of treating addiction is the type of narcotic substance, the duration of use and the amount of drugs within the patient’s body, along with the health status of the patients and their age, in addition to providing family support and the patient’s desire to recover, which are among the most important points to guarantee the success of addiction treatment programs.

How to choose a proper drug addiction treatment center?

The confusion that people experience on the journey of drug addiction treatment begins with choosing a proper addiction treatment center and the widespread of many addiction treatment centers makes this confusion even worse. It is not only related to the treatment cost but the distinguished treatment services provided by the treatment centers, including Dar El-Taafy Center for Addiction and Psychiatry.

The matter of fact is that there are some treatment centers whose main concern is financial profit, but in Dar El-Taafy we have contributed to the recovery of many addicts who went out of our facility with the ability to join the survivors from the path of addiction and start a new life away from the world of darkness and addiction.

Dar El-Taafy for addiction treatment and psychiatry has the best psychiatrists in Egypt and a medical team with experience in dealing with addiction patients in the fields of psychotherapy through a therapeutic environment and an integrated therapeutic community along with many programs of psychotherapy and cognitive behavioral therapy and in the shortest duration of addiction treatment.

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