the 28 days addiction treatment program

Addiction is one of the most dangerous diseases that may affect people of different ages and social classes. Therefore, it was necessary for us to find effective treatment methods and programs to treat drug addiction that are suitable to the social, psychological, and health status of the addict. One of the best and most effective of these treatment programs and the most effective in treating addiction is the 28-days addiction treatment program, which helps patients get rid of the addiction in a short period of 28 days by being in a safe environment without drug abuse and under integrated care 24 hours inside Dar El Taafy.

What is the 28-days addiction treatment program?

The 28-days program for addiction treatment at Dar El Taafy Center is considered one of the most effective treatment programs for addiction treatment in the Middle East. Intensive, systematic, behavioral therapy combined with medical treatment to eliminate addiction in just 28 days.

The patient stays inside the recovery center for the entire 28-days period under continuous monitoring and close supervision throughout the 24 hours for addiction treatment and rehabilitation. During this period, patients participate in individual and group activities that include medical and behavioral therapy, so the patient gets the opportunity to partner with other people who want to get rid of drug and alcohol addiction, which encourages them to recover quickly and not feel lonely during the treatment period.

What are the advantages of the 28-days addiction treatment program?

  • The 28 days addiction treatment program is ideally designed as an intensive, time-saving treatment, where the treatment is conducted through clinical practices and recreational activities without taking much time away from family or work.
  • The 28-day program for the treatment of alcohol or drug addiction, whether hashish, heroin, tramadol, Lyrica, Captagon, crystal meth, voodoo, Strox, and other types of narcotics that kill humans, is the practical choice for most people, as it takes less time compared to other extended programs, and at a lower cost.
  • The 28-days rehabilitation program is also a good starting point for addiction treatment. Some addicts may have anxiety about sticking to long treatment programs, and the 28-day period is short enough and acceptable for people who are not ready to commit to a long-term treatment program.
  • This treatment program is characterized by extraordinary flexibility, as they give the possibility for the recovering patient to join another long-term program.
  • A hotel-like service at the highest level, in addition to sleeping in quietly designed rooms according to psychiatric standards, providing a comfortable and safe sleep.
  • Staying away from bad friends and places that are considered one of the biggest factors that helped shape his addiction.
  • The fast access to medication and medical support helps with avoiding severe side effects, especially in the event of panic attacks, acts of violence, and depression.

The therapeutic steps in the 28-days program to treat addiction

  1. Performing a thorough medical examination, accurate evaluation of the patient, and developing a treatment plan based on his needs, health status, and the effect of the drug on him.
  2. Treating the psychological and physical symptoms of addiction, starting with the phase of detox, relieving withdrawal symptoms, and repairing the damage that occurred to the brain and body functions.
  3. Managing and directing the specialized medical program according to medical guidance.
  4. Performing drug tests and examinations periodically to ensure that the drug is completely out of the body.
  5. Meeting the specialized psychiatrist continuously and periodically up to 5 times a week.
  6. Ongoing group meetings with other addicts to provide support and encouragement.
  7. Engaging daily in recreational and sports activities to help improve the mental and physical condition of the patient faster.
  8. Identifying and treating the main causes that led to addiction, whether they are physical, psychological, or social.
  9. Subjecting the patient to psychological treatment and social rehabilitation to ensure that he reaches full recovery and obtains a new healthy life free of drugs, even after leaving Dar El Taafy.

What are the addiction cases suitable for the 28-days addiction treatment program?

The 28-days program for addiction treatment is suitable for all drug addiction cases, especially patients that have work or family commitments, and are looking for recovery from addiction within a short period of time. Examples of those cases in which the 28-days addiction treatment program is suitable:

  1. Patients with pills type drug addiction such as Tramadol and Lyrica addiction.
  2. Patients who are addicted to chemically synthesized drugs such as strox and meth (crystal meth).
  3. Patients who are addicted to natural, cultivated drugs such as hashish and marijuana.
  4. Alcohol addiction patients of all kinds.

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Addiction treatment programs at Dar El Taafy
Dar El Taafy is distinguished by the diversity of treatment programs that are provided to suit each patient’s condition and to help him achieve full recovery

the full residency program

It is a safe environment in which a person exercises a normal life without drug abuse, and it is called halfway house, which is a new treatment philosophy.

the Dual Diagnosis Program

It is based on dealing with the addiction and the accompanying psychological disorder at the same time.

the family support program

It involves bringing the addict's family to sessions with one of their members; This provides a much deeper understanding by the family about what addiction is and how to deal with it.

the Painless withdrawal Program

Withdrawal of the drug from the body is not an easy process because it has physical and psychological effects on the addict, and we specialize in this process professionally.

the 12 step program

The 12 Step Program is a lifestyle based on spiritual principles written simply in numbered form from 1 to 12 in simple sequence.

the relapse prevention program

This program helps the recovering patient to not relapse, or go back into behavioral patterns that may lead them to use again.

the Half Board Addiction Treatment Program

This program is a modern method for dealing with addiction patients who cannot spend long periods of time in treatment, and this program is the newest in treatment methods.