the 12-step addiction treatment program

Addiction is one of the most dangerous diseases that may affect people of different ages and social statuses. Therefore, it was necessary for us to find effective treatment methods and programs, to treat drug addiction that is proportionate to the social, psychological, and health status of the addict. One of the most prominent and oldest of these treatment programs is the twelve-step program, which works to enhance patients’ desire to get rid of addiction through a set of methods and spiritual principles.

What is the 12-step program?

The 12-step program is considered one of the oldest and most important addiction treatment programs in the world. Doctors and addiction treatment experts at Dar El Taafy have developed this treatment program to be the ideal solution to deal with various addiction cases and compulsive behavior.

The 12-step program at Dar El Taafy is a self-help support group made up of people who share the same type of addiction. The participants in the program meet with the therapist two to five times a week in a dedicated room, where members discuss the causes and events that led them to the path of addiction. During the meeting, members work to support individuals who need support and congratulate those who have overcome addiction, and sometimes members share personal stories about themselves.

The 12-step program has its name because it consists of written and numbered spiritual principles from 1 to 12 in a simple sequence, which start with the addict’s admission that he has a problem with addiction and that he is unable to solve this problem on his own, and ends with his recovery and dissemination of those principles and transferring them to other addicts.

How long does a 12-step addiction treatment program take?

The duration of addiction treatment depends in general on the health status of the addict, whether psychologically or physically, and also depends on the type of stimulant drug that was used and the duration of abuse. However, in most cases, the treatment period for addiction in the twelve-step program at Dar El Taafy Hospital is 28 days. (This is, of course, after assessing the patient’s condition, withdrawing toxins from his body and treating withdrawal symptoms)

The therapeutic steps in the 12-step addiction treatment program

  1. We admitted that we were so powerless to stop drinking that our lives had become unmanageable.
  2. We have come to believe that a power greater than ourselves can bring us back to rationality.
  3. We made a decision to turn our will and our lives into the care of God as we understood Him.
  4. We made a moral inventory by searching within ourselves.
  5. Acknowledgment to God, to ourselves, and to others, of the nature of our mistakes.
  6. We are fully prepared for God to forgive us and erase our personal shortcomings.
  7. We humbly asked God to forgive us.
  8. We make a list of people who have been harmed by us, and we are ready to fix what we messed up.
  9. We fix the errors with these people as quickly as possible, unless it will hurt their feelings.
  10. Continuing personal ethical inventory and acknowledgment of error as soon as it is discovered.
  11. We have sought through prayer and meditation to improve our conscious connection with God – the Almighty – as we understand Him, and we pray only for His approval to repent, help us, and give us the power to execute it.
  12. Having had a spiritual awakening as a result of these previous steps, we have tried to carry this message to other alcoholics and to practice these principles in all our affairs.

Features of the 12-step addiction treatment program

  • The person recovering from addiction comes out in this program with full conviction of the need to permanently stay away from all situations related to addiction.
  • Patients communicate with their treating physician and talk to him in a loud voice and tell him what is on their minds.
  • The program draws a logical plan for the recovering person to follow when he experiences any case of relapse in order to get away from the urgent desire to return to addiction again.
  • Adapting to living properly and acquiring new skills and applying them in their daily behaviors.
  • Getting closer to God Almighty, and adhering to the correct religious teachings.

Which addiction cases are suitable for the 12-step program for addiction treatment?

The twelve-step program is suitable for all drug addiction cases, as it aims to transform the harmful personality towards itself and society as a whole into a successful personality with a role and imprint in society and bring this person closer to people and God.

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Addiction treatment programs at Dar El Taafy
Dar El Taafy is distinguished by the diversity of treatment programs that are provided to suit each patient’s condition and to help him achieve full recovery

The 28 days program

An intensive treatment program that helps patients get rid of addiction in a short period of 28 days.

the full residency program

It is a safe environment in which a person exercises a normal life without drug abuse, and it is called halfway house, which is a new treatment philosophy.

the Dual Diagnosis Program

It is based on dealing with the addiction and the accompanying psychological disorder at the same time.

the family support program

It involves bringing the addict's family to sessions with one of their members; This provides a much deeper understanding by the family about what addiction is and how to deal with it.

the Painless withdrawal Program

Withdrawal of the drug from the body is not an easy process because it has physical and psychological effects on the addict, and we specialize in this process professionally.

the relapse prevention program

This program helps the recovering patient to not relapse, or go back into behavioral patterns that may lead them to use again.

the Half Board Addiction Treatment Program

This program is a modern method for dealing with addiction patients who cannot spend long periods of time in treatment, and this program is the newest in treatment methods.