Strox and Voodoo Addiction: Their Damages and Treatment

The addiction of Strox and voodoo is a new danger that has spread recently in Egypt among young people in particular, who are the mainstay and future of our society.

The entry of estrox and voodoo into Egypt began in late 2010 through the western borders, where they are imported from the United States of America as herbs for animals unfit for human use, but they are distributed to drug dealers as narcotic drugs without regard to their negative effects and health risks. And soon they became a requirement for a large group of young people in a wide range of different social classes.

What are the Strox and Voodoo drugs?

“Voodoo” and “Strox” are chemically synthesized cannabis known as “synthetic cannabis” or synthetic drugs. But its danger and impact on health is 400 times that of natural cannabis, which confirms the extent of its lethal effect on the human body.

Strox in Egypt

Strox is a very strong narcotic compared to other drugs because it contains highly addictive substances, such as hyoscine, atropine and hyoscyamine, and these highly addictive substances directly control the nervous system of the addict and completely numb him.

The Egyptians were the ones who called this narcotic substance “Strox”, while in the United States of America it is called by another name, such as “Keto” or “Spicy” or “stroke” i.e. a blood clot, because it may cause a stroke.

Strox has become one of the most common and dangerous drugs for the health of those who abuse it in Egypt. Because it contains harmful substances that lead to death, especially since it is a synthetic drug that is manufactured with high skill and professionalism.

One gram of Strox is sold in Egypt from 250 to 300 Egyptian pounds, and it is sold in the form of bags containing four grams each. Girls are the most popular group for abusing this drug.

The chemical composition of the synthetic Strox is not completely known, and can be subject to change and modification from batch to batch, and from one dealer or manufacturer to another, Strox will most likely contain different substances each time, and thus, can very well produce significantly different effects on the minds and bodies of drug users who use these substances.

The Strox drug causes loss of consciousness, as it enters the user in a semi-coma and separates him from the surrounding reality.

Voodoo drug in Egypt

“Voodoo” is a substance that was first made in Latin America, and it is a plant similar to the leaves of a banjo. “Voodoo” is placed on any green herb, then dried to turn into tobacco-like substances. “Voodoo” is characterized by its light green color and is used by smoking it, and it contains substances called “atropine, hyoscine and hyoscyamine”.

“Voodoo” causes complete control of the nervous system, leads to complete sedation, and causes the user to experience severe congestion, redness of the face, rattle of the voice, and dilation of the eyes pupils. Unfortunately, voodoo is addictive as soon as it is consumed from the first time of use, as it is very easy and quick to get addicted to it and affects the body due to its strength that exceeds any other drug.

When the effect of “voodoo” ends, the user’s auditory and visual hallucinations increase, and its effect is faster but not stronger than heroin.

Voodoo is cultivated in Africa and is also imported from most European countries and the United States of America, where it is imported as a treatment for animals in the form of small bags. At the bottom of the bag is written the word “voodoo”, which means a spell, and below it is a sentence that is not suitable for human consumption, which makes the process of selling it easy and without restrictions. Voodoo is traded in Egypt through drug dealers at prices ranging from 150: 200 pounds per gram, while in America its price is much lower than Egypt due to the lack of it being criminalized and considering it a type of weed.

One sachet of voodoo contains 3 grams of a light green herbal substance that smells like marijuana. It is used by rolling it like cigarettes. Its effect lasts from 1 to 5 hours, depending on the person’s body and condition. Then the user feels euphoria, appetite, dullness, apathy, rapid heartbeat, and heart palpitations. In some cases, it leads to a feeling of fainting, anxiety, extreme tension, and fear of death.

The side effects of Strox and Voodoo

  • leads to insanity
  • Auditory and visual hallucinations
  • Erosion and destruction of nerve cells and the nervous system
  • Panic attacks and spasms
  • Lack of activity and inability to calculate distances
  • Severe respiratory depression
  • Destruction of brain neurons
  • Lack of blood flow within the capillaries
  • Falling asleep and not concentrating for up to 3 hours
  • Changes in the tone of voice
  • It causes severe congestion
  • Redness of the face and dilation of the eyes pupils
  • It causes severe depression
  • Liver enlargement
  • Hypertension
  • Strox and Voodoo can lead to cardiac arrest and sudden death

Strox and voodoo addiction treatment

Strox addiction can be treated, with the help of specialists in the treatment of drug addiction, as addicts must be convinced to seek help from their families first, then comes the role of institutions and centers specialized in the treatment of addiction.

Strox or voodoo treatment goes through several stages:

1. Treatment stage of withdrawal symptoms

Treatment of Strox or voodoo addiction begins with treating the so-called withdrawal symptoms that the addict faces when he decides to stop using, which are often similar to marijuana withdrawal symptoms, and usually takes from two to three weeks, and this period may increase slightly depending on the dose that was abused by the addict. Where the process of withdrawing the drug from the body is carried out under full medical supervision to help the patient pass this stage safely and without pain by controlling these symptoms through specialized medical drugs.

2. Psychological rehabilitation stage

In this stage, some psychological criteria and tests are applied to determine the psychological diagnosis of the patient and to determine the amount of psychological damage resulting from his addiction, in order to rehabilitate the patient to get rid of drug addiction in general, and the patient at this stage also learns methods of resisting the desire to use drugs.

3. Support stage

At this stage, the patient receives support from family, and friends, and in which he seeks to restore his normal life again and engage in community activities.

True Stories (victims of Strox and voodoo addiction in Egypt)

M.M, 29 years old, a tuk-tuk driver, was an employee of a refrigeration and air-conditioning company, and a Strox patient. He talks about his experience with drug use, saying: “I got married in 2013 and my life was stable, but we went through a financial hardship, my wife and i, and we did not receive help from anyone, the matter which pushed us to the road of no return, which is escaping through drugs, and we used hashish and banjo for a while, then we used Tramadol for three years until we met a drug dealer who told us that there was a new type in the market called Strox. Better than the rest of the narcotic pills that we used to take, but after a short period of use we became unconscious for a long time in addition to the hallucinations that accompany us all the time. The patient explained that he and his wife are going through difficult times, explaining: “We have reached the point where we cannot walk on our feet for a long time, because we fall into a coma.” He now works as a tuk-tuk driver, after being fired from his previous job because of his addiction.

Also confirmed by A.A, 27 years old, said that he got addicted to Hashish and Heroin with his brother two years ago, then moved to voodoo and entered the dark world of addiction and his life turned into hell. To buy voodoo, we had to sign trust receipts that we can’t pay now, and we live in a state of blame and self-torture.”

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