Crystal meth addiction treatment

What is crystal meth?

Crystal meth is a drug that is synthesized from methamphetamine, which is considered one of the most powerful types of psychotropic drugs that cause hallucinations. Crystal meth has very severe effects, as soon as it is taken, the addict becomes overwhelmed by a state of auditory and visual hallucinations, so he sees fantasies and things that do not exist in reality, and the effect of a single dose of this aphrodisiac may extend its effects with the user for a month.

Crystal meth is a mixture of methamphetamine with some other chemicals in certain proportions, and then some bleaches are added to the mixture, which gives it a glassy shape until it looks like a crystal, in the end, hence the name crystal or crystal meth.

Crystal meth goes by many names such as (glass – the drug of Satan – ice), this drug is nothing but deadly, as it is a drug that leads its addicts to their death, just taking one dose is the beginning of the descent into the quagmire of drugs, the final result of which will undoubtedly be death.

Crystal meth addiction

In the past, methamphetamine was not an addictive drug, as it was used to treat obesity and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder in children and was approved by the US Food and Drug Administration for its previous uses. However, studies and research later proved that meth is one of the most dangerous and highly addictive stimulants and even the fastest to end its abuser’s life, as studies and research have proven that the addict of meth is likely to die in a time span of no more than five years.

The production of methamphetamine was banned in Japan in the 1950s, but pharmaceutical companies continued to produce it and upgraded it until it became available on the black market in large quantities. New ways of synthesizing the drug were discovered in America in the nineties, and even stronger strains were developed, which led to the rapid increase in its use and addiction until the year 2000 when it became one of the most popular types of drugs on the illegal market until it surpassed hashish, opium, heroin, and cocaine.

The abuse of meth causes addiction, especially since it is one of the easiest kinds of drugs to get addicted to fast, as in some cases addiction occurs as a result of taking a single dose of the drug. Also, the rate of its abuse and addiction has increased globally, especially in the Arab world, because of the ease of preparation, its cheap price, and availability.

The side effects of crystal meth addiction

Unlike other types of drugs, the harms and dangers of crystal meth appear in a very short period of time of its use, which may not exceed a single dose. Among the most prominent health, psychological and social problems caused by meth addiction:

  • After using meth, the addict turns into destructive aggressive behavior that may amount to criminal behavior, which may push him to turn into a murderer or he may harm himself in strange and abnormal ways.
  • Crystal meth is basically a stimulant, which makes its abuser sleepless and may make him stay awake for days.
  • Severe loss of appetite, as it eliminates a person’s appetite and often abusers do not eat for days, which leads to physical weakness.
  • The meth addiction increases the heart rate and heart palpitations at a large rate, which increases the chance of a heart attack and the sudden death of the addict.
  • Meth addiction also leads to a significant increase in blood pressure that may reach the state of high blood pressure in an alarmingly dangerous way.
  • It leads to severe cases of physical poisoning.
  • The addict’s teeth decay and fall out quickly, which is called (the addict’s mouth).
  • Psychological imbalance, depression, and chronic suicidal thoughts.
  • Crystal meth affects the addict’s memory and weakens his immunity, making the addict’s body an easy prey for all kinds of diseases to attack his body.
  • A meth addict suffers from brain damage and many psychological problems, such as Parkinson’s disease.
  • Increasing the possibility of strokes, which eventually lead to death.
  • Changes in air pressure in the lung leading to the lungs collapsing.
  • The addict suffers from impotence because meth affects the reproduction system and kills sexual desire.
  • Crystal meth takes away the human value of those who abuse it and degrades them and turns them into animals, unable to lead or manage their life.
  • The addiction to meth causes severe damage to pregnant women, such as anemia, diabetes, heart and liver disease, lung inflammation, birth defects, or miscarriage.
  • Abuse or addiction, in general, is often accompanied by abnormal behaviors that may lead to the transmission of dangerous types of infections such as AIDS, hepatitis C, and B.

Treatment of crystal meth addiction in Dar El-Taafy for addiction treatment and psychiatry

Treatment of meth addiction or crystal meth at Dar El-Taafy begins with the withdrawal of toxins from the body and the treatment of withdrawal symptoms of meth that reach several days if the addict has been taking meth for a short period of time, but if the addict has been taking this substance for long periods of time, the withdrawal symptoms may extend to weeks or months. What is meant by withdrawal symptoms in addiction is a group of physiological symptoms that affect the addict when he stops using the narcotic or stimulant substance that he is accustomed to using regularly.

Withdrawal symptoms include many physical and psychological signs ranging from chronic suicidal thoughts, behavioral violence and aggression, lack of sleep perhaps for a few days, severe loss of appetite, depression, and paranoia, excessive nervousness and irritability, seizures, bone and muscle pain, and high body temperature.

Therefore, the abrupt cessation of the use of the drug must be under medical supervision and in a specialized place to work to remove toxins from the body and treat withdrawal symptoms.

Physicians and addiction treatment experts at Dar El-Taafy Center rely on an integrated pharmacological, psychological, and behavioral treatment program when treating meth addiction patients, and among its most remarkable components:

  1. Assessment of the addict’s health, psychological and social condition, on the basis of which the other points of the treatment program are modified and allocated.
  2. Withdrawing the toxins from the body by gradually decreasing the dose of methamphetamine, and replacing the drug in amphetamine with other substances that have less severe side effects, such as methadone or buprenorphine.
  3. A medication plan that helps counteract the withdrawal symptoms of meth addiction and reduce its severity, such as antidepressants and anti-insomnia.
  4. A healthy diet program to cleanse the body of toxins, developed by our nutritionist.
  5. Engaging in sports and recreational activities daily, which stimulates blood circulation and increases the speed of the body’s detoxification from the drug, in addition to improving the mental health of the patient.
  6. Programs and sessions for behavioral modifications for the addict.
  7. A special health education and awareness targeting the family of the addict and those around him.
  8. Individual counseling for the addict as needed.
  9. Using the twelve-step program to support the addict.
  10. Periodically testing the drug levels in the blood.
  11. Encouraging the addict to engage in activities far from the environment that led him to addiction.
  12. Urging the addict’s family, friends, or life partner to provide him with continuous emotional and moral support.
  13. Ensure that the addict is kept away from the bad company that is associated with meth abuse.
  14. Periodic follow-up of the patient after the end of treatment to ensure that there are no relapses.

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