Night calm addiction

At Dar El-Taafy we know very well that the pressures of daily life are accompanied by insomnia as a result of overthinking and anxiety that may extend to the hours of the night dedicated to rest, and because it has become easy to obtain sleeping pills without consulting a specialist, the addiction to these pills […]

Strox and Voodoo Addiction: Their Damages and Treatment

The addiction of Strox and voodoo is a new danger that has spread recently in Egypt among young people in particular, who are the mainstay and future of our society. The entry of estrox and voodoo into Egypt began in late 2010 through the western borders, where they are imported from the United States of […]

Addiction: definition, types, symptoms and causes

Definition of addiction Addiction as a general concept is a psychological and behavioral condition that has a significant impact on the human being under the name of habituation, and affects the nervous system greatly, which makes the person constantly strive to achieve psychological and physical comfort at the moment of reaching what he is accustomed […]

Cocaine: The most dangerous form of drug addiction

Cocaine is considered one of the most dangerous drugs used by addicts, which causes them to have many health and psychological problems, and this is because it affects the brain directly, which works to affect neurotransmitters, so the symptoms of cocaine abuse appear on the addict, both physically and psychologically. What is cocaine? Once used […]

Heroin: harm and treatment

Heroin is considered one of the most dangerous types of drugs, which are either injected, smoked or even smelled, and it is considered a fast-acting drug, as heroin contains Diacetylmorphine 36, which is the active substance in heroin. Heroin addiction side effects Heroin is considered the most deadly drug, and this is beside what the […]

The duration of addiction treatment

How long is addiction treatment? The question that preoccupies the minds of many addicts and their families in Egypt, especially drug addicts, who have taken the decision to recover from addiction, whether for themselves or a member of their family or friends. This is due to the spread of the phenomenon of addiction in Egyptian […]

How to deal with a drug addict in the family

One of the biggest problems that parents can face is that one of their sons or daughters falls prey to addiction, and the shock may be great in the beginning. But of course, it needs to move quickly, so that they can get their son or daughter out of this ordeal. An addicted person is […]

Children and drugs

Children’s drug addiction is a disaster that threatens the future of entire nations. The language of numbers alone may make you astounded, when you know that the number of addicted young children ranges between 7-10 million children. These numbers reveal the extent of the tragedy that our children have fallen into in the Arab world, […]

Drug addiction in Egypt

The problem of drug addiction in Egypt has increased alarmingly in recent years, making it one of the biggest issues that threaten the future of our society, because of its destructive impact and drugs are a major factor in many social, security, economic and health problems. This problem is no longer confined to one type […]

Painless Tramadol addiction treatment

The treatment of Tramadol addiction without experiencing pain is one of the topics that received great research among many Internet pioneers on search engines, and perhaps this title acquired the largest search capacity among the users of this deadly drug. The Tramadol addiction Tramadol is a drug used to relieve some patients of pain resulting […]