Cannabis addiction’s side effects

Cannabis is the most widespread type of drug of this era, it is used by most young people and even adults, especially in Egypt. This herb is surrounded by many rumors and misconceptions that helped make the number of its addicts’ increase, the most notable one is that “cannabis is not an addiction”, It is a completely incorrect idea, as cannabis is a real and dangerous addiction, and it remains in the body for long periods of time, contrary to what people may believe.

Hashish is extracted from the cannabis plant by drying it, it has become one of the necessities of life for many people who like to be in a good mood. They also view it as one of the natural plants that are smoked, just like the tobacco that is found inside cigarettes, or one of the chemicals that are inhaled and used in other stimulant and hypnotic drugs.

In fact, cannabis activates a group of nervous stimuli that reside within the central nervous system, and then it causes some mental disorders that depend on the amount of the dose taken, the type of cannabis, and the period of time between taking one dose and another. Some of its most prominent symptoms are:

1. Loss of sense of place and time

A cannabis addict often feels that the minutes pass by are like hours and sees the nearby places far away, and this is one of the most common symptoms among cannabis users.

2. The drug remains in the blood for a long period of time

Cannabis contains tetrahydrocannabinol, which is a directly addictive drug. The danger of this substance is that it stays in the blood for a long period of time, ranging from 40 to 45 full days, even if the person has already stopped using it, it remains in the body. Any type of other drug does not stay in the blood, less than eight hours and up to 3 days. As for hashish, it is called the thief drug, because it stealthily enters the blood and remains dormant in it, and does not come out before the aforementioned period.

3. Feeling of euphoria and happiness

The cannabis addict feels more euphoria and overwhelming joy after taking the dose and may be accompanied by constant laughter for the slightest reason.

4. Visual and auditory hallucinations

Cannabis is considered one of the substances that cause hallucinations with increased doses. Therefore, the patient suffers from psychological addiction as a result of its use, not just physical addiction.

5. Weight gain and increased appetite

After using cannabis, the addict feels an increased appetite and the desire to eat, especially sweets.

6. poor vision

One of the symptoms of cannabis addiction is the dilation of the eyes pupils, and this leads to poor vision.

7. Increased heart rate

Cannabis addiction increases the heart rate, which increases the chance of heart attacks and sudden death.

8. Menstrual disorders in females

When women consume cannabis, it causes a range of disorders in the menstrual cycle, and if the woman is married, the possibility of ovulation failure is increased.

9. Reproductive problems in men

Cannabis affects men, as it reduces testosterone, which is the male hormone, causing some disturbances in sperm numbers, which in turn affects reproduction, and may sometimes lead to infertility.

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