Cannabis addiction’s side effects

Cannabis is the most widespread type of drug of this era, it is used by most young people and even adults, especially in Egypt. This herb is surrounded by many rumors and misconceptions that helped make the number of its addicts’ increase, the most notable one is that “cannabis is not an addiction”, It is […]

The differences between hashish and marijuana

Hashish and marijuana are among the most widespread types of drugs in different age groups who use drugs. Although hashish and marijuana are extracted from one plant called the cannabis plant, there is a difference between them in the method in which they are manufacture, how these two substances are extracted, and their effects. What […]

Lyrica addiction: the new Tramadol alternative

Lyrica’s addiction is a new challenge that is hanging over many societies and even represents a real danger to the new generations of young people who are the hope of progress in any society. The addiction to Lyrica pills is one of the types that fall under the category of medical drug addiction, which is […]

The cost of drug addiction treatment in Egypt

Studies and statistics indicate that many people search and inquire about the cost and prices of drug addiction treatment in Egypt, which indicates the desire of many drug addicts or their families to treat addiction and recover from it. Unfortunately, the cost of addiction treatment in Egypt cannot be accurately determined, due to the different […]